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The Newport Yacht Club is made up of a number of one-design fleets, as well as the crusing fleet which is comprised of a mix of larger one-design. Click on the image from each fleet to learn more about each design.

Cruising 4

A variety of larger non-one design boats make up this fleet. Activities of this fleet are mostly social with many special events planned during the year.

Lightning 25

The Lightning is a 19 foot sailboat designed by Olin Stephen as a day sailor/racer and first launched in 1938 and has a strong class association. Over 15,000 Lightnings have been built and are actively raced throughout the world. The 1990 North American Championships held in Rochester, NY attracted 120 boats. The 50th Anniversary Regatta was held in Skaneateles, NY in 1998 and attracted over 225 boats. Its main sail, jib and spinnaker are handled by a crew of three. Prices of boats range, used to new $1,500- $20,000, depending on age and how they are equipped.



Laser 36

The Laser is a 14 foot, single sail one person boat. The first laser was built in 1970 by Bruce Kirby and over 180,000 have sold worldwide. The Empire State Games Sailing competition takes place in Lasers and was hosted by NYC in 1998. The Laser was selected as an Olympic boat in 1994. Prices of boat range used to new $500.00 -$4,900.

Snipe 17

The Snipe is 15' 6" and carries a mainsail and jib. It was designed by William Crosby in 1931. It is raced with a crew of two and has evolved into a high performance racing dinghy with active fleets around the world. The Snipe class was the first at the Newport when the club was founded in 1936. Prices of boats range used to new $800 - $10,000.

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